MLA Program

Program Requirements

21 credit hours from the following areas:

  • Interdisciplinary liberal arts (3 hrs)
  • Creative arts – art, music, literature, theatre (6 hrs)
  • History and ideas – history, philosophy, religion (6 hrs)
  • Sciences – psychology, sociology, ecology (6 hrs)

15 additional credit hours

Choose courses from various disciplines or opt for a concentration in one of seven areas.

pdfMLA Course Schedule

MLA Concentration Areas

Creative arts – Explore film, music, theatre, literature and art courses designed to expand your knowledge of and appreciation for the creative arts.

History and ideas – Explore a variety of historical events to gain a better understanding of the impact of the past on today’s society, study fundamental issues in philosophy or culture, and delve into various religions to examine the traditions, beliefs and impact of religion on people and society.

Natural and social sciences – Study an array of courses from the sciences, including psychology, politics, criminal justice and natural science, reflecting on the impact one has on the other in our society.

Gender studies – Gain an understanding of how gender dynamics affect your world as well as the greater world in which you live.

Management and leadership – Strengthen your leadership skills, gain a better understanding of group dynamics and behaviors involved in organizations and examine current leadership challenges and trends.

Capstone Project

Your capstone project is a portfolio that assesses your growth and development throughout the program. Portfolios are required and must be submitted to the faculty before graduation.