MSSL Curriculum

24 Credit Hours of Core Leadership Courses

  • Foundations of Educational Administration (this course is a prerequisite to all other core leadership courses)
  • Organizational Health and Performance
  • School Personnel
  • Curriculum and Instruction for Administrators
  • Student Services, Climate and Programs
  • School Planning, Operations and Finance
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in School Leadership
  • The Ethical Building Leader

9 Credit Hours of Required Education Courses

  • Assessment Strategies
  • Inquiry and Research
  • Technology in Support of Teaching and Learning

Capstone Project – 4 Credit Hours of Directed Field Experience

The capstone project in the Master of Science in School Leadership program consists of Directed Field Experience (DFE). The DFE is similar to a practicum and provides you with hands-on experience as you work alongside a practicing school administrator. During the MSSL program, you will also compile a portfolio and submit it to the faculty.