Leadership in Higher Education FAQ

Do I need specific experience or education to qualify for this program?

Yes. The Ed.D. program is designed for K-16 educational professionals. You need to have at least three years of full-time professional experience in a K-16 institution.

How long is the program?

It will take about two years to complete the coursework. The third year of the program is devoted to completing your dissertation.

Do I need to take the GRE?

No. The GRE is not required, but admission into the program is competitive.

I am a classroom teacher, am I eligible for this program?

Yes, several classroom teachers are in the program.

What is district-level licensure?

Many upper-level administrative positions in school districts require a district-level license.  Obtaining this license typically requires advanced education and passing a state licensure exam.

Will this program certify me as a district-level administrator?

No. Building- and district-level licensure is granted by the Kansas State Department of Education. Professionals who complete the Baker University Ed.D. program and receive a passing score on the ETS School Superintendent assessment will receive licensure from the Kansas or Missouri department of education.

Do I have to have my principal license to begin this program?

You do not have to possess a building-level license to enter the program. However, if your professional goal is to attain district-level licensure, you will have to take additional coursework after the Ed.D. in order to meet the requirements for building-level licensure

I already have an Ed.S. Can I just get the district-level licensure?

Yes. Applicants who have an Ed.S. in Educational Administration and only need district-level licensure are eligible for both reductions in credit hours and tuition.

I have my Ed.S. but not my district-level license. Can I take the DLL exam now or after I start this program and still be eligible for the reduced program?

No. To qualify for the reduced coursework and tuition rate, you need to possess the district-level license before beginning the Ed.D. program.

What if I already have district-level licensure and just need the Ed.D. degree?

Applicants who have a master’s degree in educational administration from Kansas or Missouri already have obtained district-level licensure and are eligible for a reduced number of credit hours and tuition.

I work in higher education; how will these classes apply to me?

The Ed.D. is designed for K-16 educational leaders. As such, course content focuses on educational leadership in general.

Are other students who work in higher education enrolled in this program?

Yes, several students who serve in a variety of capacities at higher education institutions are  enrolled in the Ed.D. program.