Doctor of Education Dissertations


Joshua M. Anderson pdfDownload
The Second Digital Divide: The Effects of Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status on Student Technology Access and Use Outside the School Day

Kyle Steven Anderson pdfDownload
The Effectiveness of Advanced Placement Courses in Improving ACT® Scores for
High School Students

Mofeed M. Aql pdfDownload
Effects of Computer Integrated Instruction on Student Achievement in Eighth Grade Mathematics

Regena M. Bailey Aye Download
The Relationship between Method of Placement and Success in College Algebra and English Composition I at Allen Community College

Cassy Bailey pdfDownload
The Relationship Between Student Readiness Inventory Scores and First-Time, First-Year Student Retention and Academic Success at Baker University Baldwin City Campus

Cynthia B. Barta pdfDownload
Effect of the Expeditionary Learning Model on Elementary and Middle School Teachers' Perceptions of School Operations, Student Background, and Teacher Effectiveness Level Factors

Hollie Mae Becker pdfDownload
Women in Leadership in Private Four-Year Colleges and Universities in Kansas and Missouri and Their Perceptions of Self and Workplace Culture

Jill Marilyn Kenton Bergerhofer pdfDownload
The Impact of AVID Participation on Academic and Non-Academic Measures of College Readiness

Bobbie Jo Beverlin pdfDownload
Exploring Factors That Impact Leadership Orientations of Public School Principals in the State of Kansas

Juliann Bliese pdfDownload
The Effects of School-Wide Discipline Using Positive Behavior Supports

Benjamin Boothe pdfDownload
Classroom Walkthroughs: Impact on Student Achievement

Courtney L. Bowles pdfDownload
The Difference in First Grade KELPA Scores as Affected by Direct ESOL Instruction

Suzanne M. Boyer-Baker 
The Effects of an Annual Discretionary Leave Policy on Teacher Absenteeism in a Large Suburban School District

Suzanne M. Brennaman pdfDownload
The Impact of Reading Fluency on Missouri Assessment Program Performance

Jasmine L. Briedwell pdfDownload
The Impact of Phonemic Awareness Instruction on Reading Growth in Pilot and Non-Pilot Schools and on Reading Growth in High Socio-Economic and Low Socio-Economic Schools

Joy L. Brigman pdfDownload
The Effect of Read Naturally on Reading Achievement of Upper Elementary Students

Sarah B. Brown pdfDownload
The Effects of Reciprocal Teaching on Third and Fourth Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Attainment

Brooke L. Brutto pdfDownload
Teachers’ and Administrators’ Perceptions of the Kansas Educator Evaluation Protocol


Marlena M. Caldwell pdfDownload
The Relationship Between the Self-Perceived Effectiveness of  Interdisciplinary Teacher Teams  and Student Academic Achievement

Kristen Annette Childers pdfDownload
Curriculum-Based Measurements as Predictors of the Missouri Assessment Program Assessments in Grades 3-5

Debbie Sue Chrisop pdfDownload
Staff Member Perceptions on the Implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports at a Therapeutic School

Bret Alan Church pdfDownload
The Effect of a Blended Instructional Coaching Model on Teacher Perceptions of Professional Development

Darryl O. Cobb pdfDownload
Recruitment Strategies and Teacher Retention in Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area School Districts

Kathleen Marie Collier pdfDownload
The Relationships Between Teacher and Student Technology Use and Teacher Professional Development

Jeanette L. Cowherd pdfDownload
The Effects of an Incentive-Based Discipline Program on the Attendance and Suspension Rates of Park Hill South 12th Grade Students

Angela N. Currey pdfDownload
Head Start: The Effect of Half Day and Extended Day Preschool Programs on Language and Literacy Development

Todd W. Dain pdfDownload
K-12 Parent and Staff Perceptions of ALICE Active Shooter Response Training

Jennifer R. Dancer pdfDownload
Kansas Principals' Knowledge of Special Education Policies and Procedures

Dawn M. Callahan Dennis pdfDownload
The D2 Cuing Method: The Use of a Systematic Cuing Method in the Elementary Classroom

Jaime C. Dial pdfDownload
The Effect of Teacher Experience and Teacher Degree Levels on Student Achievement in Mathematics and Communication Arts

Megan E. DiPaola-Allen pdfDownload
Elementary Principals' Perceptions Regarding Bully Prevention Activities

Tammy DiPonio pdfDownload
The Impact of Second and Fifth Grade Teacher Experience and Effectiveness on Student Achievement in English Language Arts and Mathematics Measured by the Michigan Education Assessment Program

Elizabeth E. Hunt Esco pdfDownload
Teachers’ Perceptions of Teaching Middle School Students Social Skills Using the Boys Town Well-Managed Schools Model

Mark G. Eldridge pdfDownload
From Fear to Fraternity: How High School Transition Programs With a Leadership Component Affect the High School Freshman Experience in Franklin County, Kansas

John E. Ernst pdfDownload
Military Children as a Mobile Population: Effects on Achievement

Jason S. Farnsworth pdfDownload
High School Staff and Students’ Perceptions of Essential Attributes, Skills, and Job Tasks for an Effective School Resource Officer

Elaine Bertels Fasulo pdfDownload
The Relationship Between Paraeducator Support and Student Scores on the Kansas Assessment of Modified Measures

Ryan Flurry pdfDownload
Predictors of Success in High School Advanced Math and Science Coursework

Emily A. Ford pdfDownload
Faculty and Student Attitudes and Perceptions of Academic Dishonesty

Rolinda E. Ford pdfDownload
The Effect of Grade Configuration on Sixth Grade Student Achievement in Missouri

Micah I. Friesen pdfDownload
Elementary Teachers’ and Principals’ Perceptions of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Jeff Robert Frost pdfDownload
The Effect of Peer-Led Supplemental Projects in a College Algebra Class at a Community College

Andrew S. Frye pdfDownload
Teachers’ Perceptions of the Literacy Coach’s Impact on Classroom Practice


K. Jennifer Gaddie pdfDownload
The Relationships Between Faculty, Parent, and Student Perceptions of School Climate and Student Achievement

Lara Gilpin pdfDownload
Comparing Perceptions of Advisors and Students in Relationship to Behaviors Within a Middle School Advisory Program

Joy L. Grimes pdfDownload
The Relationship Between Fourth-Grade Literacy Levels and Eighth-Grade Student Achievement

Ashley N. Hall pdfDownload
Teach for America: Perceptions of Dedication, Commitment, Content Knowledge, and Instructional Competence

Luann Halverstadt pdfDownload
Elementary Retention: Factors, Outcomes and Alternatives Perceived by Elementary Teachers, Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade

Sara Margaret Harris pdfDownload
Pedagogical Training and Instructional Methods Among Kansas Community College Faculty

Elizabeth Scorse Harrison pdfDownload
The Effect of Summer School on the Mathematics and Reading Achievement of Low-Performing Second Grade Students

Britton N. Hart pdfDownload
The Effects of Participating in Activities on the Academic Success of Hispanic Students

Justin Caine Hawpe pdfDownload
Secondary Teachers' Attitudes Toward and Willingness to Provide Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities

M. Shane Heard pdfDownload
Math Teachers' Usage of Interactive Whiteboards and Interwrite Pads and the Effect on Student Achievement in Math

Stephen G. Heinauer pdfDownload
Effects of the enVisionMATH Common Core Mathematical Diagnostic Intervention System on Student Achievement in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

Rexanne Elise Hill pdfDownload
Extracurricular Activities: An Examination of Student Achievement in the Lee's Summit School District

Stephanie J. Hill pdfDowload
An Analysis of School Crisis Preparedness in Kansas

Michelle L. Hofmann pdfDownload
Problem Behaviors and Attention Concerns as Predictors of Reading Achievement in Second Through Fourth Grades

Melissa A. Hunter-Boyce pdfDownload
A Mixed Study of Professional Learning Communities and Student Achievement

Lezlee K. Ivy pdfDownload
Beginning Teachers' Perceptions of Comprehensive Induction Programming


Lisa Janeway pdfDownload
Communication Arts Growth Among Middle School Students Enrolled in Four Curricular Paths

Julie Weichel Jensen pdfDownload
The Effect of My Reading Coach on the Change in Reading Scores

Brandon J. Johnson pdfDownload
Development of a Binary Logistics Regression Prediction Model for First Year Student Persistence into the Second Year using Pre- and Post-Enrollment Variables in Private Liberal-Arts, Faith-Based, Midwest College

Cynthia K. Johnson pdfDownload
The Relationship of School Connectedness to Race, Achievement, Attendance, Socioeconomic Status, and Behavior

Vickie A. Kelly pdfDownload
A Quantitative Study of Course Grades and Retention Comparing Online and Face-to-Face Classes

Heather D. Kenney pdfDownload
Teachers' Perceptions During the Implementation of the Professional Learning Communities Model: A School Reform Initiative

Jennifer D. Kern pdfDownload
Differences Between Blended and Traditional Learning in a High School Government Class

Kimberly S. Kray pdfDownload
The Impact of Data Analysis by Collaborative Teams and Their Influences on Student Achievement

Rebecca L. Kroenk pdfDownload
The Effects of Explicit Word Study Instruction on Fourth Grade Word Knowledge, Reading Comprehension, Oral Reading Fluency, and Everyday Spelling Accuracy

William Anthony Lake pdfDownload
The Impact of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (Avid) Program on Ninth Grade Reading, Mathematics, and Writing Achievement

Gwen Singer Landever pdfDownload
Collaboration Among General and Special Education Teachers

Deanne J. Letourneau pdfDownload
Teacher Leadership: Perceptions of Teachers, Administrators, and Teacher Leaders in an Urban District Regarding Effective Practice and the Kansas Teacher Leader Standards

Pamela K. Lingelbach pdfDownload
Student Achievement Data and the Effect of Teacher Content During Implementation of The Success for All Reading Edge Program in a Midwestern School District


Jessica Kyanka-Maggart pdfDownload
iPads, Motivation, Self-Efficacy, Engagement in Upper Elementary School Mathematics

Judy Jo Martin pdfDownload
A Study of Factors That Contribute to the Exit of Special Education Teachers From the Special Education Classroom in Region 1 of Kansas

Siabhan M. May-Washington pdfDownload
The Roles and Attributes of English Department Chairs: An Examination of Leadership Perceptions

Tamekia N. McCauley pdfDownload
The Experiences of Minority Educators Employed in Urban and Suburban Educational Settings

Anna McGraw pdfDownload
The Effect of Rigby Literacy by Design on Student Reading Growth

James Kelly McMullen pdfDownload
The Effects of Principal Leadership, Salary, Benefits, and Teacher Input on Elementary and Secondary Teacher Morale

Russell Patrick Meigs pdfDownload
The Development and Pilot of the Technology Integration Matrix Questionnaire

Sarah Mendez-Guerrero pdfDownload
Experiential Learning: Internships in the Advancement of Leadership Skills

Christopher M. Miller pdfDownload
The Effect of Participation in Read 180 on Sixth-Grade Students' Reading Achievement

Matthew S. Miller pdfDownload
The Relationship Between School Climate and Out of School Suspension

Michael A. Minter pdfDownload
Missouri Middle and Junior High Principals' Perceptions of Inclusion and Collaboration

Vickie S. Murillo pdfDownload
The Relationship between Performance Pay Indicators and Student Achievement in an Urban School District

Timothy P. Murray pdfDownload
The Effect of the Number of Involuntary School-to-School Transitions on Student Performance on the Kansas State Reading and Mathematics Assessments

Leigh Anne Neal pdfDownload
An Analysis of Self-Assessed Leadership Styles and Interpersonal Communication Competencies of Kansas Public School Superintendents

Paul L. Ogle pdfDownload
The iPad as a Learning Tool: An Examination of Student Achievement on the ACT

Celeste Ortega pdfDownload
Level of Special Education Placement, Student Characteristics, and PLAN Assessment Results as Predictors of Graduation Outcome for Students with Disabilities

Tyson Curtis Ostroski pdfDownload
The Impact of Study Island as a Formative Assessment Tool

Jill L. Owens pdfDownload
Principal and Teacher Perceptions of Instructional Leadership and Organizational Health in Secondary Schools


Kyle W. Palmer pdfDownload
The Existence of a Knowing-Doing Gap in Liberty Public School District's Implementation of Professional Learning Communities

Jennifer E. Patterson pdfDownload
The Effect of Collective Teacher Efficacy and Expectations on Student Achievement in High-Poverty Elementary Schools in the State of Missouri

Suzanne L. Porth-Cotton pdfDownload
How School-to-Career Internship Programs Impact High School Perceptions of the Senior Year Experience and Post Secondary Transition

Brett Douglas Potts pdfDownload
College Degree Completion as It Relates to High School Academic Preparation Programs and ACT Composite Scores

Rebecca L. Presley pdfDownload
The Effects of Self-Advocacy Instruction on Eighth Grade Students with Disabilities and Their IEP Meeting Participation

Charlsie Elizabeth Prosser pdfDownload
Virtual Schools: Parent Choice for K-8 Alternatives

Ruth I. Randall pdfDownload
Predictors of Success for Students Who Test Into Developmental-Level Courses at a Community College

Cathy L. Redelberger pdfDownload
Determining the Relationship Between State Achievement Scores and Curriculum-Based Measurement Scores

Dianna L. Rentie pdfDownload
The Effects of Transition Activities on Students Anticipation and Apprehension About High School

Starr R. Rich pdfDownload
The Effects of Pull-out and Push-in Reading Intervention Models on First and Second Grade Students

Jennifer F. Rinella pdfDownload
A Case Study of Nonprofit Organization Leaders Viewed Through the Lens of Synergistic Leadership Theory

Desiree Rios pdfDownload
The Effects of Elementary Student Participation in Technology Immersion Classrooms on Meeting Growth Targets

Kerry A. Roe pdfDownload
Reading Achievement, Self-Concept, and School Related Anxiety Among Students Participating in a Fourth and Fifth Grade Looping Program


Kelly M. Saluri pdfDownload
Effectiveness of the Missouri College Preparatory Studies Certificate and the Liberty Public School's Afterhours ACT Preparation Course in Improving ACT Composite Scores

Jaime M. Sadich pdfDownload
Closing the Literacy Gap: A Study of Read 180 and Differentiated Reading

Lorri Sapp pdfDownload
Reading Horizons Phonics Program and Success for All Foundation's the Reading Edge Program: The Effect on Reading Achievement Levels of Struggling Middle School Readers

Deborah Anne Schluben pdfDownload
An Examination of the Relationship Between School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports and Student Academic Achievement

Julie Renee Polc Schmidli pdfDownload
Students’ Initial Disconnect from School and Dropping Out of High School

Michelle C. Schulze pdfDownload
Effects of a Summer School Reading Intervention Program for Grades 3 and 4 in a Suburban District

Dred Dean Scott pdfDownload
The Effect of the Read 180 Reading Intervention Program on the Reading Proficiency of Sixth Grade Students in Three Suburban Missouri Middle Schools

Michelle H. Sedler pdfDownload
The Impact of a Technology-Rich Classroom on the Measure of Academic Performance in Mathematics at Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6

Alisa Elaine Seidelman pdfDownload
The Impact of Assessment Delivery Method on Student Achievement in Language Arts

Jennifer L. Seymour pdfDownload
The Interaction of Faculty Status and Course Delivery Method on Student Retention and Success in General Education Courses at a Community College

David C. Sharp pdfDownload
A Study of the Relationship Between Teacher Empowerment and Principal Effectiveness

Mary A. Shivley Download
Evaluating Effectiveness of Developmental Mathematics Instruction Based on Faculty Rank

Jennifer J. Short pdfDownload
Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and Their Perceptions of Principals’ Transformational Leadership Practices

Lachelle L. Sigg pdfDownload
Kansas Superintendents’ Perceptions of Teacher Evaluation Meeting the ESEA Flexibility Waiver

Steven Jerome Skoczek pdfDownload
The Effects of the Web Transition Program on Middle School Student GPA, Attendance, and Suspensions

Krista Sly pdfDownload
The Relationship Between Middle School Climate and Student Mathematics Achievement

Erin E. Smith pdfDownload
Strengths-Based Leadership Skills of Doctoral Degree Candidates

Rodney David Smith pdfDownload
The Effect of Full-Day Kindergarten on Student Achievement

Scot Squires pdfDownload
The Effects of Reading Interest, Reading Purpose, and Reading Maturity on Reading Comprehension of High School Students

Jon M. Stammers pdfDownload
Coach Gender and Coaching Style Preferences of NAIA Female Student-Athletes

Sandy B. Steggall pdfDownload
The Relationship Between School Size and the Number of High School Dropouts

Douglas A. Sumner pdfDownload
A Measurement of Student Satisfaction Levels as a Means of Program Evaluation: An Examination of Baker

Benjamin C. Sutherlin pdfDownload
Teaching Effectiveness: A Comparison Between Athletic Coaches and Non-Coaches in Creating a Positive Learning Environment and Promoting Student Success


Andrew J. Taylor pdfDownload
Middle School Athletics: Impact on Academic Achievement and Student Connectedness in the Middle School

Angela R. Taylor-Price pdfDownload
Effects of the Teacher Incentive Pay Program in the Center School District

Tamara Lynn Thomasson pdfDownload
Wellsville Early Childhood Education and Kindergarten Readiness as Measured by the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS)

Jennifer M. Timlick pdfDownload
Effect of a Reader’s Workshop Model on Intermediate Students’ Achievement and Attitudes about Reading

Pamela B. Turner pdfDownload
Temperament Types, Job Satisfaction, Job Roles, and Years of Service of Doctor of Educational Leadership Candidates and Graduates

Clement Okoronkwo Ukaoma pdfDownload
First-Generation African-American College Graduates:
The Lived Experiences of Six Urban Charter High School Alumni

Corey M. Van Dine pdfDownload
The Impact of Working Memory on Students Tested For Special Education Services

Julia M. Vargas pdfDownload
The Perceived Impact of a Private Scholarship Program on Kansas City Hispanic Students: An Examination of Access and Persistence of Scholarship Recipients

Ryan W. Vaughn pdfDownload
General and Special Education Teacher Perceptions of Collaboration

Corey D. Vorthmann pdfDownload
The Relationship Between School Size and Student Achievement in Missouri

Ruth Gharst Waggoner pdfDownload
The Effect of Connected Mathematics on Student Achievement in Selected Middle School Grades

Caran J. Walker pdfDownload
Differences in Test Pass Course Completion in the United States Air Force Professional Development Program

Sandra K. Warner pdfDownload
Student Perceptions of a Doctorate in Educational Leadership Program (2006-2014)

Amy S. Washington pdfDownload
The Relationship Between Student Grit and Student Achievement

Margaret A. Waterman pdfDownload
The Quality of Ph.D. and Ed.D. Educational Leadership Dissertation Methods

Rachelle M. Waters Download
The Impact of School Configuration on Sixth Grade Student Achievement

Bill Weber pdfDownload
Student Involvement in Co-Curricular Activities and Success on the Kansas Mathematics and Reading Assessments

Randall T. Weber pdfDownload
A Comparative Study of Academic Success and Persistence Between Kansas Public Community College Transfer Students and Native Students at the University of Kansas

Elizabeth L. Wilkerson-Arbisi pdfDownload
The Influence of Participation in School-Wide Positive Behavior Support on Elementary Student Behavior

Michael Scott Wolgast pdfDownload
A Study of the Effect the Voyager Passport Reading Journeys Program Has on 9th Grade Student Reading Achievement Based on the Measure of Academic Progress Assessment

Tressa Dalen Wright pdfDownload
The Effects of Math Lab on Student Mathematical Growth in Three Suburban Missouri Middle Schools

Brent C. Yeager pdfDownload
Reading Level Change between Kindergarten and Third Grade for Students Attending Title I and Non-Title I Full Day Kindergarten

Stacey A. Yurkovich pdfDownload
The Personal Profile, Career Patterns, and Leadership Practices of Women Superintendents in Kansas

Vanessa R. Zamzow pdfDownload
Teacher Perception of 1:1 Technology Professional Development and Its Impact on 1:1 Implementation and 21st Century Skills Development in 5th Grade Classrooms