Pre-Law Interdisciplinary Minor

Guided by faculty with extensive legal expertise and Baker's well-rounded liberal arts education, you will develop the skills, knowledge and confidence that law schools prize.

Quest courses form the backbone of Baker's liberal arts curriculum by focusing on critical thinking, speaking and writing. These are essential skills for anyone entering the legal profession.

Baker Student Success

More than 95 percent of Baker students who apply to law school are admitted to either their first or second choice. 

In recent years several Baker graduates have received full-ride fellowships to law programs across the country.


Our pre-law advisor will point you toward undergraduate courses that will be advantageous in law school, suggest internship possibilities, help you choose potential law schools and provide guidance as you go through the application process. 

Chancery Club

Chancery Club activities and events will support your preparation for the law school application process. This includes preparing for the Law School Admissions Test, choosing target law schools, writing law school personal statements and essays, obtaining letters of recommendation, and securing law-related internships to validate your career choice and strengthen your law school application.

Coursework & Requirements

The pre-law minor consists of 18 credit hours and participation in the Baker University Chancery Club.

Required Courses

  • PH 110 Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession  
  • QS 411 Global Citizenship (on a law-focused topic)

Elective Courses | 12 Hours from the Following

  • BS 251 Business Law I
  • BS 252 Business Law II
  • MM 478 Mass Media Law
  • PH 120 Ethics
  • PH 211 Logic and Critical Thinking
  • PH 350 Law and Morality
  • PS 421 American Constitutional Law
  • PY 256 Psychology and Law
  • SA 351 Sports Law
  • SO 346 Criminal Justice
  • SO 380 Law and Society
  • A law-related special topics course
  • A law-related independent study course
  • A law-related Interterm course 
  • A law-related internship