Old Castle Museum

About the Old Castle

As the first home of Baker, Old Castle was once known as "The College Building," because at that time it was the first and only college building in the state. Now as a museum, The Old Castle houses artifacts from early Kansas, Methodist, and Baker history.

Next to Old Castle is the Kibbee Cabin. The cabin played an intricate role in the creation of Baker University when a group of Methodist ministers gathered and decided to form a college in the town of Palmyra, which is now Baldwin City. While Kibbee Cabin is a replica, it is still a direct part of Baker's history, as is the Palmyra Post Office.

Blood’s Grocery was located in Palmyra, a stop on the Santa Fe Trail, between 1857 and 1862. It also served as the town’s post office. It was moved to its present location and opened in 1976.