International Business Courses

BS 141 - Introduction to Business 3 hrs.

The course is intended for first-year business majors, students who are undecided about majoring in business, and non-majors who wish to obtain a broad overview of the operation of the business enterprise and its role in U.S. and international commerce. The roles of business as supplier of goods and services, employer participant in public affairs, and civic partner will be examined. Basic business functions of accounting, management, marketing, finance, and human resources will be introduced. Career options in business are also presented.

BS 220 - Bronston Fellows Seminar 1 hr.

This course provides a range of enriched opportunities for participating students. Contemporary topics in business are examined through interaction with guest speakers, exercises, and site visits. This course is graded on a pass/no credit basis. May be repeated for credit.

BS 251 - Business Law I 3 hrs.

This course presents an overview of legal methods and sources, the law of contracts, defamation, negligence, and employment law. Basic legal research techniques are introduced. Prerequisite: BS 141.

BS 252 - Business Law II 3 hrs.

The law relating to operations of business enterprises, including torts, product liability, bankruptcy, secured transactions, employee/employer relationships, and debtor-creditor relationships is studied. Prerequisite: BS 141.

BS 271 - Principles of Marketing 3 hrs.

This course is an introduction to marketing as a social process. Using product, price, distribution, and promotion as the base, marketing is explored as human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes. Prerequisites: BS 141 and EC 242.

BS 325 - Operations Management and Information Systems 3 hrs.

Quantitative techniques and methods for production and operations management are introduced and applied. In addition, this class presents an in-depth analysis of the development, design, and applications of computer information systems as a tool for all business decision making. Prerequisite: MA 321.

BS 351 - The Law of Sports 3 hrs.

This course examines the legal environment in which professional sports and amateur athletics operate, focusing on the areas of contract law, labor law, antitrust law, intellectual property law, and constitutional law. Course topics include the legal history of the sports industries, the legal structure of professional sports, the basic agreements controlling sports, the functions of the sports agent, the operation of sports labor unions, management issues in professional sports, and the legal aspects of amateur athletics. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

BS 353 - Fundamentals of Management 3 hrs.

This course introduces the process of management by studying the functions performed by managers, including planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating. Prerequisites: BS 141 and EC 242.

BS 355 - Human Resource Management 3 hrs.

The management of personnel is studied, including training, wage and salary administration, benefits, evaluation, termination, and labor relations. Recommended: BS 353.

BS 356 - Quantitative Methods in Decision Making 3 hrs.

Quantitative techniques, including linear programming, are applied to modeling for business decision making. Prerequisite: MA 321.

BS 361 - International Management 3 hrs.

An overview of management in an international context is introduced through examination of case studies, application of relevant theories from management and economics, and consideration of special factors such as culture and politics. Prerequisite: BS 353.

BS 381 - Corporate Finance 3 hrs.

This course is an introduction to corporate finance. Most of the class covers the theory and practice of asset valuation and pricing, with applications to the long-term investment decision. The implications of capital structure decisions will be evaluated. Prerequisites: AC 141 and EC 242. (Cross-listed as EC 381.)

BS 382 - Investments 3 hrs.

Topics covered in Corporate Finance, specifically diversification and risk, are applied to managing investments. The institutions of investing, the theory of asset pricing, and evaluation of portfolio performance are studied. Prerequisite: BS 381.

BS 383 - Corporate Finance II 3 hrs.

Further topics in corporate finance, including the firm’s liability structure and dividend policy, options, warrants and convertible bonds, and mergers and acquisitions are introduced. This class employs significant casework. Prerequisite: BS 381.

BS 385 - Sports Marketing and Management 3 hrs.

This course examines the business of the sports industries, focusing on the theoretical and applied foundations of sports marketing, sports advertising and public relations, sport event and facility management, the economics of the sports industries, and management issues related to finance, accounting, information systems, and human resources in the operation of professional and amateur sports organizations. Prerequisite: BS 141.

BS 415 - Methods of Teaching Business 3 hrs.

This course addresses the concepts and skills needed for teaching secondary courses in General Business, Accounting, Consumer Economics, and Free Enterprise. Attention is directed to planning and teaching strategies needed in business courses. Student-developed projects constitute an important element of the course.

BS 456 - Business Policy 3 hrs.

This course is the capstone class for Business, Accounting, and International Business majors. Through the use of case studies and team projects students practice applying principles of finance, accounting, management, economics, and marketing to business problems and opportunities using a strategic analysis framework. Prerequisites: BS 353, 381, and Senior standing.

BS 462 - International Marketing 3 hrs.

Marketing principles are applied in an international setting through the use of case studies and class simulations. Special emphasis is placed on cultural, economic, and political differences. Prerequisite: BS 271.

BS 463 - International Finance 3 hrs.

A macroeconomic approach to the study of global markets is taken in this course. Specific topics and concepts examined include balance of payments, exchange rate systems, the World Bank, the IMF, international banking, and the European Union. Prerequisites: EC 242, EC 243, and BS 381. (Cross-listed as EC 463.)

BS 474 - Marketing Research 3 hrs.

This course emphasizes the importance of information for marketing decision making various approaches and techniques are explored through case studies and team projects. Analytical techniques and quantitative applications are introduced. Prerequisites: MA 321 and BS 271.

BS 478 - Business Online 3 hrs.

This subject aims to provide students with an understanding of online business in the context of today’s global business environment. This subject covers key areas of online business including: business-to-business and business-to-consumer relations, Internet commerce, EDI, standards, regulation and policy, principles and practices of online business security, and social and economic issues. Prerequisite: CS 175 or permission of instructor. (Cross-listed as CS 478.)

BS 481 - Research Project or Professional Consultancy 1 - 3 hrs.

This course provides students with an opportunity to engage in active and collaborative learning experiences with peers and/or faculty within the Department. The course focuses on involving students in meaningful and practical experiences beyond the existing curriculum in hands-on and real-world learning environments. Prerequisite: Junior or senior status, Department chair approval.

BS 295, 495 - Special Topics 1 - 3 hrs.

Offered periodically, the course will be determined by student interest and needs.

BS 499 - Independent Study 1 - 3 hrs.

This course is arranged between the instructor and student. Prerequisite: Department chair approval.