Professional Education Requirements for Teacher Licensure

All teacher education candidates must take the following professional education courses. In addition, all education students must complete the courses listed on the appropriate endorsement link on the left.

All licensed teachers must also have an earned college degree from Baker University or elsewhere. You must work closely with an advisor familiar with your content major requirements and teacher licensure requirements.

To obtain teacher licensure, graduates must pass the PLT standardized test and a content area test.

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Required Professional Education Courses

  • ED 100* Teaching as a Career (first semester freshman or above) 1 hour F/SP/Su
  • ED 243* Introduction to Education (second semester freshman or above) 2 hours F/SP/Su

*Prerequisite for all professional education courses

  • ED 244 Education Field Practicum (first semester sophomore or above) 1 hour F/SP
  • ED 264 Foundations of Classroom Management 1 hour F/SP
  • ED 265 Technology for Teachers 1 hour F/SP

A student who has successfully completed ED 100, ED 243 and ED 244 and who qualifies for either conditional or good standing candidacy may enroll in the following courses:

  • ED 309 Evaluation Techniques for the Classroom 3 hours F/SP/Su
  • ED 311 Fundamentals of Teaching English Language Learners 1 hour F/SP
  • ED 320 Education Field Service Practicum I 1 hour F/SP
    (BME candidates meet this requirement through music education courses.)
  • ED 343 Educational Psychology 3 hours F/SP/Su
  • ED 345 Psychology of the Exceptional Learner 3 hours F/SP
  • ED 366 Teaching Elementary Language Arts in the Content Areas 3 hours F/SP OR ED 368 Teaching Reading in the Secondary Content Areas 3 hrs F/SP
  • ED 440 Elementary and Middle Level Methods, 3 hours F/SP OR ED 460 Secondary and Middle Level Methods
  • ED 462 Education Orientation Internship 1 hour fall only
  • IS 199 Diversity in Education Interterm (juniors or seniors) 3 hours January

Required Supporting Courses

  • CO 115 Oral Communication 3 hours
  • PY 111 General Psychology 3 hours
  • PY 243 Human Development 3 hours

A student must achieve candidate in good standing status to be approved for the professional semester. During the student teaching semester, candidates enroll in one of the following courses:

  • ED 450 Student Teaching in the Elementary or Middle School, or 12 hours F/SP
  • ED 470 Student Teaching at the Secondary and/or Middle Level, or
  • ED 480 Middle Level Student Teaching

Candidates in a preK-12 program take 6 hours each of ED 450 and ED 470.

To obtain teacher licensure, graduates must pass the PLT standardized test and a content area test.

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This information has been taken from the  current Education Policy Handbook and current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.