Chemistry Programs

The Department of Biology and Chemistry offers a major and minor in Chemistry. Students interested in the study of Chemistry may also look into the following disciplines offered at Baker University’s Baldwin City undergraduate campus:
Education – Middle-Level Science | Education – Secondary Chemistry | Engineering | Mathematics | Physics | Predentistry | Premedicine | Prepharmacy

Major in Chemistry

The chemistry curriculum provides instruction in the fundamental principles of modern chemistry. Students will develop skills of logical, critical and creative thinking and gain an appreciation for the interdependence of the fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics and the biological sciences. The laboratory program, in addition to illustrating and expanding lecture material, develops basic laboratory skills, introduces students to modern laboratory techniques and equipment and provides an opportunity for independent laboratory work. The curriculum prepares students for further study in chemistry, medicine or dentistry; a career in teaching or chemical research; or a career in a government, commercial or industrial laboratory.

Students majoring in chemistry may choose a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree.

All Chemistry majors must satisfactorily complete the following courses and their prerequisites:

  • CH 137/138 General Chemistry I and II
  • CH 140 Quantitative Analysis
  • CH 251/252 Organic Chemistry I and II
  • CH 341 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
  • CH 361/362 Physical Chemistry I and II
  • CH 491 Chemistry Seminar

Chemistry majors must also complete two of the following courses:

  • CH 350 Environmental Chemistry
  • CH 370 Biochemistry
  • CH 440 Advanced Topics in Analytical Chemistry
  • CH 451 Advanced Topics in Organic Chemistry
  • CH 460 Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry
  • CH 475 Advanced Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Three semester hours of research in chemistry

Students pursuing the chemistry major must also complete the following supporting coursework:

  • MA 172 Calculus II
  • PC 225/226 General Physics I and II (PC 125/126 Introductory Physics I and II may be substituted with the permission of the chair)

Candidates for a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry must also complete the world language requirement. German is the recommended language for chemistry majors.

Minor in Chemistry

  • CH 137/138 General Chemistry I and II
  • CH 140 Quantitative Analysis
  • CH 251/252 Organic Chemistry I and II
  • Three additional semester hours in upper-college chemistry.

This program information has been taken from the current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.