Business Student Experience

Baker Business students have a multitude of opportunities for involvement in and out of the classroom. Small class sizes allow you to get maximum interaction with classmates and professors in a program that focuses on student engagement and the use of real-world businesses as examples for learning. Business students are also privy to a number of activities beyond the classroom.


Practical experience is essential for anyone looking to enter the professional world, and at Baker, we offer you plenty of opportunities to acquire that real-world experience. As part of the curriculum, Business and Accounting students are required to complete at least one internship. Many students go beyond the required minimum, however. With possibilities to complete internships during the summer, during Interterm in January and even during the school year, many Baker students leave with an already impressive resume.

A faculty advisor will mentor you and assist in the acquisition of internships at area businesses. Baker has ongoing relationships with businesses throughout the area, and many businesses are eager to host Baker interns. No matter the business field, the geographic region or the experience you want, we will work with you to ensure the best professional experiences during your time as a student.

BOOK Program

As part of Baker’s internship program, students are encouraged to take part in the BOOK program (Baker Organizational Observation for Knowledge). Adding to the traditional internship experience, the program encourages students to look deeper into organizations by researching the history, mission, structure, products and services, finances and management of the company. Upon completion of an internship, participants in the BOOK Program create a PowerPoint and present their experience before judges, who then determine a winner of a cash prize.


Business students have varying opportunities to learn during Interterm, Baker’s three-week session in January.

Delta Mu Delta

On Baker’s campus, Delta Mu Delta, the national honor society in business administration, is another way to recognize a student’s outstanding academic achievement. Potential members are reviewed as juniors, and new members are admitted at the end of their junior year.