Staff Professional Development

Professional development and training are important for all employees at Baker University. Departments are encouraged to think creatively about opportunities to provide developmental programs internally and participate in the development offerings from the Kansas City Professional Development Council (KCPDC), which can be attended at no cost to your department. The KCPDC session information for supervisory development, faculty development and special topics can be found at

  • Consider creative approaches that involve staff in idea generation and implementation.
  • Identify topics that take staff beyond daily tasks to better understand the larger context of the University.
  • Take any opportunity to have interesting and effective approaches to staff development.

Approval for Outside Professional Development

All staff professional development conferences, seminars or workshops that include a registration fee, release time from your regular job responsibilities, or an overnight stay need advance approval by the Staff Professional Development Committee. To obtain approval and funding to attend an outside professional development activity, please complete the request for staff professional development approval form, secure your supervisor's signature for approval and forward the form to Human Resources at least 30 days before the activity. Professional development will be approved on the activity's merit and availability of funds. pdfRequest for Staff Professional Development

Upon review of funding for the requested professional development you will receive a copy of the request form indicating whether the activity was approved or not. If you would like to appeal professional development that is not approved, please send your justification of the necessity of the activity to the chief human resources officer within five business days.

Participation Evaluation

A certificate of completion or participation (if available) for your personnel file and a participation evaluation must be submitted within one month of the activity to be eligible for future professional development funding. pdfParticipation Evaluation/Report.

Please note that you MUST have receipts for all expenses clearly showing that you paid for an item. For meals, receipts should be detailed enough to show that no alcohol is being reimbursed (not just the credit card charge slip).