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pdfAdd/Drop (for the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education's undergraduate programs)
Advanced Placement Course Equivalency
pdfApproval to Study at Another Institution
pdfDeclaration of Major
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Staff & Their Areas of Responsibility

Academic Records Assistant | CAS - 8318

Transcripts | Verifications | Deferments
Office: Constant Hall 1
Margaret Drovetta

Margaret Drovetta - 4530

Academic Records Assistant | CAS/SON
Office: Constant Hall 1

Mark Elliott - 8318

Academic Records Assistant | University-wide
Office: Constant Hall 1
Renee Linder

Renee Linder - 4512

Graduation & Transfer Specialist
Office: Constant Hall 1
Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller - 4530

University Registrar
FERPA compliance officer, PDSO for international students
Office: Constant Hall 1, Overland Park Campus
Jodie Randels

Jodie Randels - 4533

Coordinator of CAS Registrar’s Office
Daily operations for CAS/SON Office of the Registrar
Office: Constant Hall 1