School of Nursing | Mission & Program Goals


Baker University School of Nursing is committed to assuring student learning for the practice of professional nursing and developing compassionate, confident, competent providers and managers of care and contributors to society.

Program Goals

The School of Nursing strives to accomplish the following:

  1. Offer a nursing curriculum that builds upon a strong foundation in liberal arts, sciences and standards of professional nursing practice.
  2. Provide an environment of learning through a partnership between students and faculty, dedicated to academic excellence and freedom of expression and community service.
  3. Retain a well-qualified faculty who are committed to excellence in teaching and participation in scholarship, service, professional development and nursing practice.
  4. Facilitate a constructive, productive and energizing work atmosphere environment where open, constructive communication, decision making, flexibility and self-growth are valued.
  5. Support opportunities for faculty and students to use current technology and learning resources in a variety of settings.