College of Arts & Sciences | Mission & Core Values


The College of Arts and Sciences prepares students for a lifetime of continued intellectual, professional, and personal development. Graduates will be responsible global citizens who think critically, communicate effectively, act ethically, serve generously, and live fully.

Core Values

Student Learning, Development & Success

We are passionate about student learning, development and success. We will provide a challenging, yet supportive, learning-centered educational experience that reflects a concern for academic excellence, sensitivity to changing and emerging student, stakeholder, and market requirements, and attention to the factors that influence student learning, development, fulfillment and success. We will build a living learning environment that promotes student engagement and ignites in our students a passion for lifelong learning. To do so, will require focus on organizational learning and agility.


Our commitment to community represents the essence of our campus culture. We will adopt policies, procedures, and practices that promote attention to individual needs and aspirations, as well as those that strengthen our University and the broader community that we serve. We value diverse perspectives and promote actions that demonstrate mutual respect among all members of our local community and the global community of which we are a part. We will actively engage students, faculty and staff in integrated learning communities that foster synergistic connections among and within academic disciplines, task groups and social clusters. We will seek ways to partner with our extended community to promote mutual enrichment, professional progress and the greater good.


We understand that character development is a lifelong pursuit. Therefore, we encourage continued character development for students, faculty and staff. We will seek and develop faculty and staff who will model ethical behavior, principled decision making and personal integrity in ways that will inspire these characteristics in our students. We will integrate ethics and analytical thinking throughout our curriculum and adopt an ethos of character development in our approach to athletics, cocurricular activities, student discipline and employee relations.

Civic & Social Responsibility

We are committed to the traditional United Methodist concerns for social justice and service to others, and we will seek faculty, staff and students that share this concern, regardless of their faith tradition. We will encourage a sense of social responsibility among members of our community by integrating academics, student development, cocurricular activities, University governance and community-service programs in ways that promote understanding of public policy and encourage activism, service to others, leadership development and a lifelong commitment to civic and social engagement.